Solution Focused approaches in organisations: 2 days Immersion Workshop

hosted by Ambulanz fuer neue Kommunikation / Dr. Stefan Hermann Siemer

Koppel 38, Workshopspace Ambulanz für neue Kommunikation

Start: Monday, 04 Sep 2017 10:00

End: Tuesday, 05 Sep 2017 17:30

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    Solution Focused approaches in organisations

    With Dr Mark McKergow, Centre for Solutions Focus at Work, UK

    Hamburg, 4-5 September 2017

    Solution Focused (SF) methods, as originally devised by Steve de Shazer, Insoo Kim Berg and their colleagues, have enjoyed a reputation for being both effective in producing results and also generative in developing growth and awareness in people.  These approaches left the therapy room a decade or two ago and are now used in many fields including coaching and organisational development.  Since the deaths of de Shazer and Berg 10 years ago, these approaches have continued to develop, resulting in methods which are even more focused and even more flexible in application. 

    In this two day workshop, SF pioneer, author, researcher and consultant Dr Mark McKergow will be sharing both these new developments and how they can use used in the fields of coaching, supervision, team development and OD.  The workshop will include:

    • Ways to present and engage audiences in the SF approach
    • Beyond questions – thinking of SF as ‘tools’ and ‘conversation expanders’
      • Building a secure Platform to start work
      • Exploring the parallel world of the Future Perfect – much more than a goal
      • Using Scales and Counters to build narrative elements of the past
      • Moving towards action with tiny signs and small steps
    • Moving from action language to description language – a powerful yet subtle move
    • Seeing even more clearly the power of an ‘interactional view’ of people and relationships
    • Applying SF in both individual coaching and team development settings
    • Connections with the latest developments in Dialogic Organisation Development
    • A look at ‘how does SF work’ – by ‘stretching the world’ of the clients, connecting SF with the latest enactive cognition and philosophy research.

    The workshop will include live coaching and supervision sessions of real cases brought by participants, as well as lively discussions and practice activities to embed the learning.   As always with Mark, there will be plenty of variety, opportunities to ask questions and raise issues.  You will also be able to meet other like-minded consultants and enjoy a full and satisfying two days together.

    DrMark McKergow PhD MBA is a consultant and author bringing new ideas into the world of organisations.  He is the co-author of the best-selling The Solutions Focus book which has sold some 30,000 copies and is in 11 languages.  His latest book (with Helen Bailey) is Host: Six new roles of engagement for teams, organisations, communities and movements (Solutions Books, London, 2014).

    Mark is:

    • Director of sfwork, the Centre for Solutions Focus at Work in London
    • A consultant, speaker, trainer and author working worldwide
    • A global pioneer taking Solutions Focus ideas into coaching, management and the workplace
    • Co-author of three books including the best-selling The Solutions Focus (Nicholas Brealey Publishing), now in its second edition and in 11 languages
    • Co-creator of Host Leadership, author of the 2014 book Host, leadership speaker and consultant
    • Co-founder SFCT, the Association for Solution Focused Consulting and Training (
    • An editor of InterAction, the peer reviewed academic journal of Solution Focus in organisations (

    Mark also plays jazz saxophone and clarinet, and writes jazz criticism for London Jazz News.  


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