The Role of Circadian Biology in Preventing and Treating Pathology

hosted by Institut für Medizinische Psychologie der LMU

LMU, Kleiner Hörsaal Physiologie

Start: 06 May 2018

End: 08 May 2018

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  • Titel

    Chronobiology is currently transitioning from a Nobel Prize-awarded, basic research field to translational science. This transition is the focus of our two-day meeting. The program consists of pointed, controversial 10-minute statements by colleagues from all corners of chronobiology research with abundant time for discussion. We will produce a white paper outlining how our diverse field can effectively translate circadian biology into medical and societal practice.

    List of confirmed speakers and discussion leaders

    Felix Balzer, Charité, Berlin, DE

    Steve Brown, University of Zürich, CH

    Eve van Cauter, University of Chicago, US

    Rudi Costa, University of Padua, IT

    Charles Czeisler, Harvard University, Boston, US

    Dorothee Fischer, Harvard University, Boston, US

    Russell Foster, Oxford University, UK

    Carla Green, UT Southwestern, Dallas, US

    Samer Hattar, NIMH, Bethesda, US

    Erik Herzog, Washington University, St. Louis, US

    Ian Hickie, University of Sydney, AU

    John Hogenesch, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Med. Center, US

    Axel Imhof, LMU Munich, DE

    Elizabeth Klerman, Harvard University, Boston, US

    Takao Kondo, Nagoya University, Japan

    Achim Kramer, Charité, Berlin, DE

    Charalambos Kyriacou, University of Leicester, UK

    Robert Lucas, University of Manchester, UK

    Michael Menaker, University of Virginia, US

    Kathleen Merikangas, NIMH, Bethesda, US

    Martha Merrow, LMU Munich, DE

    Sara Montagnese, University of Padua, IT

    Jan Remi, LMU Munich, DE

    Till Roenneberg, LMU Munich, DE

    Maria Robles, LMU Munich, DE

    Christoph Scheiermann, LMU Munich, DE

    Amita Sehgal, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, US

    Thomas G. Schulze, LMU Munich, DE

    Claudia Spies, Charité, Berlin, DE

    Rae Silver, Columbia University, New York, US

    Debra Skene, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK

    Joseph Takahashi, UT Southwestern, Dallas, US

    Céline Vetter, University of Colorado, Boulder, US

    Anna Wirz-Justice, Basel, CH

    Ken Wright, University of Colorado, Boulder, US

    Marty Zatz, Washington D.C., US

    Phyllis Zee, Northwestern University, Chicago, US


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    LMU, Kleiner Hörsaal Physiologie Pettenkoferstr. 12-14 80336 München Germany
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