Virtual Seminar Series on Minimum Wages and Low Wage Policies

hosted by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), LASER (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)

Start: 03 May 2021

End: 26 Jul 2021

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    Seminars will be organized virtually via Zoom and will take place
    weekly during May and July 2021 on Monday or Wednesday afternoons
    (5pm CET; 11am EST).

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    Virtual Seminar Series on Minimum Wages
    and Low Wage Policies

    hosted by
    Institute for Employment Research (IAB)

    Labor and Socio-Economic Research Center (LASER)
    of Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)




    The aim of the weekly seminar series is to discuss recent developments in the area of minimum wage research based on experiences from around the world. Minimum wages continue to be a highly relevant area of research and their labour market consequences, for employment in particular, are still debated contentiously. In line with the predictions of a perfectly competitive labour market concerning the effect of a binding wage floor, early empirical analysis produced evidence that minimum wage led to employment losses. By contrast, more recent studies – based on evidence from the US, the UK and, more recently, Germany – came to the conclusion that minimum wage policies often resulted in desirable labour market outcomes. This debate is still on-going and the empirical literature is focusing on questions concerning the suitability of control groups in the evaluation of minimum wage policies.
    Since minimum wages are typically not set in isolation, but on top of pre-existing social safety nets, poverty-preventing policies and wage-setting regimes that are based on collective bargaining, it is interesting to discuss such policies in line with minimum wage policies.

    Invited speakers include Ellora Derenoncourt (Berkeley) and Till von Wachter (UCLA)

    Scientific Committee:

    • Melanie Arntz (ZEW, University of Heidelberg)
    • Mario Bossler (IAB, LASER)
    • Bernd Fitzenberger (IAB, FAU)
    • Duncan Roth (IAB)
    • Claus Schnabel (FAU, LASER, IWH)
    • Matthias Umkehrer (IAB)

    Call for papers:

    We welcome empirical and theoretical submissions on:

    • Evaluations of the labour market effects of minimum wage policies
    • Analyses of other wage setting policies
    • Analyses on policy measures that address the low wage labour market



    • We invite researchers to submit extended abstracts or full papers by 28 February 2021 at:
    • Registration for each session starts in March 2021


    For further information on the virtual seminar series, please visit the IAB event website.


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